The All Seeing Lemon

a stop motion nft collection.


let there be lemons.

The ALL SEEING LEMON is an NFT collection of omniscient citrus entities created by The Fruit Factory, a web3 entertainment company manufacturing magical beings of all varieties.

Our LEMONs are generative art PFPs, blending stop motion, digital animation and photography. Some are animated and some are frozen in time.

No roadmap, no promises, just big dreams.


(not really a ) rOaDmAp

free mint

July 7, 2022 at 9am PST/5pm GMT - you pay gas only, max 2 per wallet
instant reveal

make series?

if we make enough from secondary sales, we'll make THE ALL SEEING LEMON stop motion animated series and release it as unlockable content for our holders.

the future

will THE ALL SEEING LEMONs become sentient and their physical manifestations join your family IRL, providing you with the immeasurable benefits of a personal omniscient citrus?


a secondary ALL SEEING NFT collection could be initiated via ritualistic sacrifice of various fruits.


THE ALL SEEING LEMON began as a character in Sam Barnett's stop-motion animated short films. Most of our ingredients are hand-made by Sam in his basement silicone factory. He starts with a silicone cast of a real lemon, and adds accessories pulled from his stop motion films, as well as other items sourced locally here on earth. A few final details were hand-painted by his wife, Sydney.

LEMON NFTs are then organically generated by our artisanal code, blending colors of the rainbow with florals, smoke, constellations, animations and eyeballs.


THE ALL SEEING LEMON NFT creators began as neighbors who first said hello over a garden wall during the earliest days of the pandemic. Eventually, they co-parented a stray cat who had kittens under the balcony in one of their backyards. Now they are friends who make weird shit together!

Emily Rupp

Emily's a producer and writer who worked in Hollywood alongside award-winning directors and producers for years before getting into entertainment tech.  She's the author of Film Heart Data, a blog on the intersection of entertainment and developing technologies like blockchain and AI. She's excited about what the future holds for art, animation, and NFTs as a storytelling medium. 


Sam is an animator, artist, and silicone craftsman with over 30k followers on YouTube. He's the creator of stop-motion animated horror series Operator, with 3 episodes and counting. He also manages a thriving silicone hand-making business. He likes cats and spending time with his family.

James Kessler

James is a developer with an artistic bent. In a former life he worked as a stylist, dressing actors and bands for films and live events. More recently, he worked as a technologist for a series of apparel companies. He now works on one of the most widely used SaaS applications on the Internet, as well as at The Fruit Factory making these lemons!


when mint?
is there a discord?
why lemons?
what exactly will I get?

jOin us.

Come along for the ride as THE ALL SEEING LEMON grows, evolves, and takes over the entire universe as we know it.